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b. A succession of particular person applications offered as portions of a unified entire, including the set of episodes of a tv display or simply a podcast.

With a lot more innovations than some other car in its class as well as a prosperity of athleticism, the 7 Series effortlessly requires the pole situation for the future of luxury travel.

can also be performed in closed sort, the place is really an th buy polynomial in . The main handful of polynomials are

When the distinction between successive terms of the series is a constant, then the series is alleged to become an arithmetic series. A series for which the ratio of each and every two consecutive terms is a continuing perform of the summation index is termed a geometric series.

series - (electronics) connection of elements in such a fashion that current flows first by way of just one then throughout the other; "the voltage divider consisted of a series of set resistors"

from the cells, are disturbing brings about, which it is actually a good idea to eradicate. Bramble-bees and Others J. Henri Fabre Try to remember, that these tales are copyrighted and cannot be experienced in another series

The foundations of other video games various, but normally, the present had An even bigger prize spending budget than through frequent weeks.

The drama follows Det. Elliot Stabler, a seasoned veteran on the device who's got found everything, and his husband or wife Olivia Benson whose tricky earlier is The key reason why she joined the unit. Overseeing the team is Capt. Donald Cragen. Cragen's tricky-but-supportive approach to the staff's elaborate instances guides the squad in the difficulties they facial area on a daily basis.

There were other declared prizes, commonly well worth A lot more than during the revolving rooms. Although some prizes provided in the early decades ended up without doubt unusual (for instance unusual antiques and African masks), the favorite prize, of course, were being the cars.

series - (sports activities) quite a few contests played successively by the identical teams; "the viewing workforce swept the series"

Series on little one progress (2007, 2011), and proposes pathways for implementation of early childhood improvement at scale. The Series emphasises 'nurturing treatment', Primarily of children beneath a few years of age, and multi-sectoral interventions starting with wellness, which could have extensive access to people and young young children by way of overall health and diet.

series - equivalent things positioned as a way or happening just one soon after An additional; "they had been investigating a series of lender robberies"

difficulty, variety - certainly one of a series revealed periodically; "she found an previous problem in the magazine in her dentist's waiting place"

a individual who has murdered numerous individuals one immediately after another. reeksmoordenaar قاتِل مُتَسَلْسِل сериен убиец serial killer masový vrah der Serienmörder seriemorder δολοφόνος κατά συρροήν asesino en serie sarimõrvar قاتل زنجيره اي sarjamurhaaja meurtrier en série רוֹצֵח סִידרָתִי सिलसिलेवार हत्या करने वाला serijski ubojica sorozatgyilkos pembunuh berantai serial killer, pluriomicida 연쇄 살인범 žudikas maniakas sērijveida slepkava pembunuh get more info bersiri seriemoordenaar seriemorder seryjny morderca وژونكي،قاتل серииныи убиица, маньяк masový vrah množični morilec serijski ubica seriemördare ฆาตกรต่อเนื่อง seri cinayetler katili 連續殺人犯 серійний вбивця یکے بعد دیگر کئی قتل کرنے والا شخص kẻ giết người hàng loạt (连续作案的)杀人恶魔

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